When I started the six-week long course, I confessed to Hydeh that I was rather sceptical about hypnotherapy. Hydeh just asked me to try and keep an open mind. By the end of the six weeks, at the very least I had learned to relax. I also lost 12 lbs. Since completing the course three months ago, I have lost a further 8 lbs. I continue to listen to the recordings of Hydeh’s scripts once or twice a week and a deep sense of calm ad relaxation washes over me every time. Feeling relaxed and losing weight at the same time, I could not have believed possible. My scepticism has been fully dispelled, thanks to Hydeh’s amazing hypnotherapy skills.’

Sasan, Hounslow, October 2016




“I am pleased that the hypnotherapy treatment from Mrs Hydeh Nafarieh made me more relaxed.  I felt fresher and more energetic, and yet with better sleep.  It helped me select what to eat and not to eat.  I lost 5 1/2 kg in 3 months.”

Morassa Stansfield